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I am known in the world as Farrah. I am 28. I live in Santa Cruz California. Trans Queer Phenom. I am a ranking member in the Vegan Mafia. I ride a bike as my main form of transportation because its a good work out and gas is expensive and bikes are rad. Aspring Powerlifter. Buddhist. I do hand poked, blackwork, and geometric tattoos. Also was a body piercer for a large number of years. Some might argue American Dad researched my life for years to create the character Roger. I might actually do the voice of Roger. I might be too high to remember.


More progress.

I am currently getting anon messages telling me i am a piece of shit for asking for donations for my bottom surgery and facial and torso surgeries.

The main reason i made the gofundme was i could myself put money into it and be able to actually save it. They use a separate system called WEPAY that holds all the funds till you withdraw them after you reach your goal. So i have a place to put money i am personally saving or making from Satori Magic and keep it separate from other savings accounts. The other cool thing about gofundme is you can put “incentives” so if a person donates a certain amount they get something in return. I liked this idea because it felt less like donations and more like i am selling goods or services. i know i have made a different page in the past but i made that one during a bad time when i was still digesting everything and felt i was premature to start that process plus it had a time limit which didnt work for me.

I am not trying to beg for money i am just doing what i can to get what is a medical necessity for my mental well being. I thought making it around my birthday would be the best time then after that i would have ideas of other incentives to use during the fundraiser.

I dont see how attacking me helps anyone anyway. That is just rude.


Hahah, yes!

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TODAY marks the 45th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. In the morning hours of June 28th, 1969, the police raided the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village. This had happened many times before, but this time, the Stonewall patrons refused to be mistreated and fought back. The riots lasted for six nights, and marked the beginning of the gay rights movement, including the formation of the Gay Liberation Front. This rebellion could not have pulled of without revolutionary trans activists like Marsha P. Johnson or other LGBTQ people of color like Storme DeLarverie. Let us not forget the contributions of these brave activists and fight for more equality in the future. 


"I didn’t want to die without being myself…” - Janet Mock



Marsha P Johnson was a black trans rights activist from New York City, and one of the most popular drag queens of her time. Johnson once said that the P in her name stood for “Pay it no mind,” and this phrase has become her catchphrase.

Rivera was a Latina trans woman and trans rights…

My body carries within its frame beauty and agony, certainty and murkiness, loathing and love. And I’ve learned to accept it, as is. For so much of my life, I wished into the dark to be someone else, some elusive ideal that represented possibility and contentment.

I was steadily reaching in the dark across a chasm that separated who I was and who I thought I should be. Somewhere along the way, I grew wearing of grasping at possible selves, just out of reach. So I put my arms down and wrapped them around me. I began healing by embracing myself through the foreboding darkness until the sunrise shone on my face. Eventually, I emerged, and surrendered to the brilliance, discovering truth, beauty, and peace that was already mine

From Redefining Realness by Janet Mock  (via richendag)


I made these with the intention of turning them into stickers, but since that fell through, they’re going up here instead.

It is revolutionary for any trans person to choose to be seen and visible in a world that tells us we should not exist. - Laverne Cox


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